Postfix is just another open source software which is usually used for normal mailing purpose. But at HVM we had identified the advanced features of postfix and make it work like almost similar to enterprise mailing solutions. We also has developed custom scripts and methods to achieve this goal.


  • Attaching IPs to the server (no: of IPs depend upon the sending limit)
  • Implementing and configuring multiple instances(or MTAs)
  • Assigning domains to each instance(or MTA)
  • Configuring DNS and rDNS for the domains
  • Configuring email authentication mechanism:
    • Sender ID/SPF configuration
    • DKIM configuration
  • We will implement a rotator instance, which will ease the task of pushing emails to multiple instances(or MTAs) without logging in to all those instances individually.
  • Implementing a separate instance for bounce handling

Postfix Rotator infra

high volume mailing-Technology-Postfix-Postfix Rotator infra


It is one of the most sort after enterprise mailing solution. The features provided by powermta are well suited for high volume mailing. At HVM we are experienced hands who can configure the powermta for optimum performance.

  • Configuring VMTAs(Virtual MTAs)
  • Adding VMTA users and assigning each each user a separate VMTA
  • Creating VMTA pools
  • Configuring FBL processing and DKIM signing
  • Configuring Web Based monitoring
  • Invoking Pick-Up method by which mails can be send by uploading a single file via FTP
  • Configuring Mail Merge by which a template can be made to send mails

VMTA setup in PowerMTA

high volume mailing-Technology-VMTA setup in PowerMTA

VMTA pool setup in PowerMTA

high volume mailing-Technology-VMTA pool setup in PowerMTA