Benefits of choosing Mailing Infrastructure Management Service of HVM



HVM will take care of your infrastructure whilst you can concentrate on increasing business



The first time setup is not sufficient for attaining high deliverability as this is a continuous process and HVM engineers will ensure it



In-case of the ips getting in blacklist, we will submit the request for removal, otherwise there will be unprecedented consequences


Increase Reputation

IP reputation is the most important aspect for ESP. Constant monitoring is required and swift reactive actions by HVM team, will ensure your IP’s reputation increases during the course of time.


Bounce and FBL Handling

Prompt actions for FBL for the spam complainants and ensure that bounce addresses are removed from the list needs the experiences and talents of HVM engineers

What we do for Mail Infrastructure Management

  • Actively monitoring the number of mails sent/received per day and finding out the number of deferred, bounced mails and takes the corrective actions.
  • We monitor the reputation of domains/IPs in all major Blacklists and service providers like spamhaus,SORBS,MXTOOLBOX,senderbase, reputation authority etc. These comprises of almost 250 blacklists
  • Monitoring of senderscore( The reputation score awarded to our Ips by returnpath - a major spam filter provider) for all IPs.
  • If it seems any set of IPs/domains are blacklisted, we submit white labelling requests to the blacklist providers. This is also a time consuming process since it includes identifying of IPs/Domains and submitting a request with valid reason.
  • Reviewing the delivery statistics of previous day and do a study about the soft bounces/hard bounces etc. If any abnormalities are noted, digging into logs to find out the reason.
  • If the block is happened due to other reasons like high volume per minute, failing in authentication, lack of proper HELO signals etc, taking appropriate action by varying rate delay,checking auth mechanisms etc.
  • Reroute mails via different domain/IPs if any permanent block occurs.
  • Replacing of worst reputed domains/IPs.
  • Analyze the mailing pattern to each ISP's and work out plan to regulate the flow of mails to each ISP's and avoiding their blocking algorithms.
  • Daily Look up for FBL processed mails and bounced mails, if found then we will be invalidating those users on the database.
  • Service provider will ensure above 90% delivery excluding the ( soft and hardbounces temporary issues ) of the double opt-in lists
  • Agrees to provide 24/7 support and 99.99 % uptime except for the hardware or network failure or issues that are related to the datacentre.